Grisham Works is a family run business out of the high desert in Southern California.

Owning a welding and fabrication shop for the last 20 years, we have shared the same struggle many of you have: How to bend sheet metal panels, brackets etc. in light and heavy gauge material for various applications without having to heat the material? Or worse – take it to someone else to have it done. This is where our machine came from. It was born out of necessity.

The original design was drawn up on a napkin by my father on his lunch break. The idea of a powerful hydraulically operated machine that could bend around the top die for making a complete box type bend simply, and without using a huge machine that takes up half your shop space and costs thousands of dollars!

Our project started twelve years ago with just a small 24″ machine (width of bottom die) that is actually still being used to this day. We have made some changes to that original design to make it even more versatile for everyday fabrication, and because we received many requests to “build it bigger”. The original design of the 24″ frame is incorporated in our 48″ machine. As it turns out the machine is much more powerful than originally thought! It has the capability to bend 1/4″ – 1/2″ material depending on the width of the material and radius of the die. The bracket in the pictures tab is 1/4″ thick and 10 inches wide and the machine easily bent it.

We are constantly developing new products and features for our machines so keep checking back with us!


Jesse Grisham